COVID-19 Update for Clemex Customers and Partners

Clemex Technologies would like to provide our own update to the information circulating about the pandemic crisis (COVID-19) we are all experiencing at this time. We understand the challenges involved, especially if you, your colleagues or people around you have been affected. Our hearts go out to you and your loved ones, as we pay particular attention to the health and safety of the members of our company and their families.

In recent weeks, Clemex Technologies has adopted a strategy that not only takes into account measures to ensure the health and safety of its teams and business partners, but also the near-term priority of maintaining business and service continuity.

In accordance with the recommendations of Canadian government authorities, here are some of the measures being taken by Clemex Technologies:

Continuity of business and maintenance of service to clients. Our offices are open and we are able to ensure the continuity of the work and services we offer to our clients until further notice. Arrangements have already been made to encourage our members to work from home. In the event that circumstances force us to close our offices, our continuity plan includes a full deployment of remote work arrangements to ensure uninterrupted service to our clients.

Events, gatherings and travel. All Clemex Technologies events have been postponed. In accordance with the instructions of government authorities, members of Clemex Technologies are no longer allowed to participate in exhibitions, seminars or gatherings. Only meetings that are directly related to the provision of service will take place. In such cases, communication by video conference or telephone would be preferred. If a meeting were to take place in person, it would have to be attended by fewer than five people. In addition, we are asking the members of Clemex Technologies to avoid travelling abroad.

Health and safety measures in the workplace. In our offices, hygiene measures and instructions to ensure the health and safety of all have been reinforced. We imposed a quarantine on individuals that may have symptoms, on those who had been in contact with those who had symptoms, and people returning from a trip abroad. Those who have yet to return from a trip will have to isolate themselves upon their return.

As you know, the situation we are experiencing is exceptional and the real scope of the crisis remains unknown. We would like to reiterate our support and stress the importance we attach to the professional relationship that binds us. Rest assured that we will continue to contribute to the collective efforts aimed at stemming the spread of COVID-19. In these uncertain times, we wish you courage and remain at your service throughout this crisis.

Yves Bassat