Ms. Zschocke, laboratory manager at Neumayer Tekfor GmbH, has been an enthusiastic user of a hardness testing system from Clemex Technologies for over 5 years. Tekfor is known in the metal industry as the specialist for forming technology. Weight-reduced, high- performance components for the automotive industry are manufactured in Hausach in the Black Forest. With the hardness tester they are testing their end products: from special screw connections, components for joints up to camshafts. It was precisely in order to implement these different hardness test requirements that they decided in favor of the CMT software from Clemex.


Area of application of the CMT software at Tekfor

In contrast to simple, manual hardness tests, Ms. Zschocke’s laboratory demands variety, speed and, above all, repeatability. With the fully automatic hardness test system from Clemex, they have been testing for years now hardness depth gradients, induction hardening and weld seams, such as friction welded connections on camshafts. The free programming of the hardness traverses plays a major role to be able to test all the different samples.


Perfect Service

Since 2004 they are in contact with Clemex’s technical advisor, Peter Dörnach. The absolutely uncomplicated way of solving problems stands out: “I just call Mr. Dörnach and he’ll take care of it.“ The reliability of the entire test system in combination with direct contact with the experts is a top priority for them in the laboratory: “Our system is also in use on weekends. It pays off not to have to worry.”