Image Analysis for Academia

More and more companies are commissioning universities for research in order to close their knowledge gap between practice and theory. Universities, in turn, need to strike a balance between performing independent basic research and providing these paid services. This is particularly important for young scientists and engineers who acquire extensive material knowledge during their training.

Clemex Image Analysis Software is ideal for intricate and atypical applications in research or commercial laboratories. This versatile tool can be used to analyze a wide variety of materials and is ideal for labs where a certain analysis is unlikely to be seen again. For schools a lite version helps to generate routine analyses such as grain size measurement, particle measurement, phase area percentage, porosity and nodularity.


Our image analysis software is exceptionally flexible, allowing for any number of distinct routines to be run on the same system. These routines come packaged as a library of existing applications or can be developed by our applications specialists. Especially for the academic sector a wide variety of potable applications can be measured:

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Various measurements on e.g. aluminum

  • Phase area percent of eutectic and pores
  • Porosity in aluminum
  • Grain size, shape and distribution in anodized aluminum
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Direct measurements on various materials:

  • Skin tissues: area, length, perimeter
  • Leafs: comparison of vein area to leaf area, shape
  • Meat flakes: color distribution
  • Insect parts: area percentage of body, head and legs, leg length, …
  • Sphere morphology: particle boundaries, surface fraction, fine structure
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Various Image Analysis on metals

  • Flake size of cast iron as per ISO 945 or ASTM A247
  • Hardness testing and automatic grain size measurement on steel
  • Grain size measurement in titanium acc. to ASTM E112 (incl. rating, minimum and maximum length
  • Grain size in brass and copper 


Academia | Clemex


Powerful automated image analysis solution bundled with an exceptional range of computer vision functions.
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Academia | Clemex


An efficient solution for automated measurement and classification of particles. Analyze contamination levels on filters and wafers in accordance with ISO, VDA and IEST standards.
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Academia | Clemex


Clemex Captiva is the ideal product for laboratories seeking a robust out-of-the-box solution for simple applications requiring image capture, quantification and nondestructive annotations.
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