Clemex serves many Fortune 500 companies in various manufacturing industries, with a particular focus on the automotive, aerospace, and metal processing sectors. Our fully automated image analysis solutions aim at assisting technicians, engineers and researchers around the globe in streamlining their testing. Choose your relevant industry to get more information about our possible solutions for image analysis.


Clemex provides accurate automated image analysis for laboratories of steel, aluminum, cast iron, copper and powdered metal product manufacturers.


With our cutting-edge technology and expertise, we can solve the industry’s most challenging problems such as defect detection in semiconductor wafers.


We provide automotive companies with solutions for hardness testing, contaminant analysis, and quantitative metallography for a vast array of vehicle parts. 


For pharmaceutical laboratories, accuracy of particle measurement is of critical importance when assessing active ingredients in dry powder medication.


Our superior imaging systems analyze satellite parts, helicopter components and jet engines – as well evaluate contaminant levels in cleanrooms.


Clemex Image Analysis Software is ideal for intricate and atypical applications in research or commercial laboratories.