Al2O3 clusters and argon-cavities rating

One submitted slab sample contains Al2O3 clusters and argon-cavities. Clemex Vision PE is applied to determine the area rating of each feature.

Figure 1. The microstructure of submitted slab sample is viewed at 25X magnification, with the presence of Al2O3 clusters and argon-cavities.

Figure 2. Al2O3 clusters are binarized into green bitplane. Clusters with area smaller than 10000 ┬Ám2 are transferred into the blue bitplane.


Detect and measure clusters of Al2O3 particles and argon-cavities using Clemex Vision. The methods and operations used are discussed in the report linked at the bottom of this page (click the Download PDF link below).


To avoid large cluster to be measured as separate clusters when it lies in the border of adjacent fields, a Guard Frame was used. Automated statistics and graph are generated and cumulated during the analysis of the sample. Final results can be printed directly from Clemex Vision. Raw data can be exported in Excel format.