Characterization of a Thermal Spray Coating

One mounted sample of thermal spray coating was submitted for analysis. Clemex Vision PE was used to perform porosity and phase analysis.

Figure 1. A typical image used in this analysis. Magnification is 200X for a calibration factor of 0.5240 μm/pixel. The pattern used has 2 rows of 10 fields for a total width of 4024 microns. 

Figure 2. The porosities are identified in green while the resin of the mount holding the sample is identified in blue, leaving the coating itself visible.


Porosity in thermal spray is unavoidable. In order to determine if the coating was deposited adequately, its porosity must be assessed. The PDF report linked below demonstrates and discusses the ability of Clemex Vision PE to discriminate and measure the porosity of the coating. 


Clemex Vision PE is used to identify, measure and provide statistics on the pores found in the thermal coating. The results are summarized in the table below. Click on Download PDF at the bottom of this page for more information regarding this analysis.