JUNE 2022

Here’s what’s new in Version 9.2

New Features
Full integration of machine-learning Plugins trained with Clemex Studio*. This new version is now Windows 11 compatible and has an enhanced User Management functionality allowing users to act as an auditor.

Bug Fixes
Issues related to Plugin instructions, User Management, and Mosaic creation have been fixed. Calibration properties in report, Special text annotation in languages other than English, and Focus offset/interval updates now work.

*Clemex Studio 
Our image annotation platform is designed to tackle difficult analysis that requires AI. Segment your microscopy images with Clemex Studio to simplify the routine creation process. No expertise or coding are required and Plugins are ready to deploy in Clemex Vision 9.

MARCH 2022

Here’s what’s new in Version 9.1

New Features
The latest micrometer certification has been updated. 

Hardware Support
The Leica M205A Stereoscope is now fully integrated. Partial integration of the Leica M205C and M165C has been added.

Bug Fixes
Auto Exposure, Square Grid, IF System Condition, Rectangular and Elliptical Field Template, and User Management issues have been fixed. Minor issues with the new Plugin Instruction have also been fixed.


Here’s what’s new in Version 9.0

New Features
Martensitic, Austenitic, and Ferrite-Pearlite instructions based on AI algorithms are now available in the Toolbox. The Grain Size Application Package has been updated with routines containing these new instructions. A new Application Package for Aluminum/Magnesium Alloys has been created and includes the automatic MLDS method.

Bug Fixes
Load images instruction behaviors are now fixed. Minor Toolbox instruction issues have been corrected.