Inclusion Rating in Steel

Six prepared maraging steel samples are submitted for inclusion rating analysis using Clemex CIR.

Inclusion Rating in Steel | Clemex

Figure 1. Example of stringer found in Sample 5.

Inclusion Rating in Steel | Clemex

Figure 2. The inclusion was reconnected and classified as an alumina stringer (OA).


Demonstrate the ability of Clemex Inclusion Rating system (CIR) can discriminate the inclusions present in the samples including TiN ones and measure them according to the certain standards (ASTM E45, ASTM E1122, JIS G 0555 and DIN 50602). The methods and operations used are discussed in the report linked at the bottom of this page (click the Download PDF link below).

Inclusion Rating in Steel | Clemex


It is able to access the results expressed in a specific and standardized way. Once the analysis is completed, the Results window shows up and the map of each category of inclusion appears in the Image window for the current selected sample. The worst fields for each category can be validated. If an inclusion covers more than one field, the CIR system rebuilds the complete inclusion from the different parts and the entire length is considered into the ratings. The complete results are presented in the attached report.