Toner Particles Size and Shape

Loose toner powder sampled from different areas of a commercial printer is submitted to detect particles and measure the size and sphericity.

Figure 1. The toner particles viewed at 200X.

Figure 2. The toner particles viewed at 500X. Image was captured by Multi-Level Grab to ensure all particles were in focus.


Demonstrate the ability of the Clemex Vision image analysis system to discriminate and measure the particles in the field of view. The methods and operations used are discussed in the report linked at the bottom of this page (click the Download PDF link below).


From the current analysis, the average diameter of the particles was 7.2 ┬Ám. None of the toner particles was a perfect sphere, rather the roundness varied between 0.31 and 0.91, for an average of 0.7. Final results can be printed directly from Clemex Vision. Raw data are linked to their respective objects for validation purpose. Raw data can also be exported in Excel format.