There is no such thing as a universal hardness tester – though the term is sometimes used as a marketing slogan to advertise high flexibility testing equipment. There are dedicated hardness testers for specific measurement methods and instruments that are compatible with multiple indentation probes and profiles. Some are manually operated while others are fully autonomous once the experiment is initiated. Most are benchtop systems, but portable hardness testers are available for in-field quality assurance and control (QA/QC). As you can see, there is no such thing as a one size fits all solution when it comes to hardness testing.

At Clemex, our team has decades of experience innovating within the field of high-throughput hardness testing with custom image analysis solutions. Our competency in intelligent microscopy stems from years of hands-on experience developing unique analytical systems that support research efforts in advanced ceramics, metallurgy, and other technical materials.

We have integrated our custom image analysis solutions into a suite of worktop hardness testers primed mainly for users in quality control and research environments – but we are always keen to adapt our systems for new user requirements.

Hardness Testers: High-Precision Products from Clemex | Clemex

Knoop or Vickers Hardness Testers

Our entry-level hardness tester is an automated benchtop system offered with a choice of either a Knoop or Vickers indenter. It comes with three magnifications as standard (2.5, 10, and 40x) with a fourth optional objective available if required. This is a test load type A tester with loads ranging from 5 – 1000 gram-force (gf). A motorized load option is available with a built-in fast autofocus drive and an expanded load range of 10 – 2000 g.

We also offer a Vickers microhardness tester based around the same computer-controlled motorized turret and similar optics, albeit with a maximum standard magnification of 20x rather than 40x. This solution is geared towards heavy loads of 0.3 – 30 kilogram-force.

Dual Microhardness Testers

For greater compatibility with different measurement methods, we offer a precision line of dual microhardness testers with interchangeable Knoop and Vickers indenters. The first is a test load type B tester with four possible magnifications (2.5 – 40x) and a load range of 1 – 2000 g. The second is a motorized dual indenter for hardness testing across a range of 10 – 2000 gf.

All of the hardness testers mentioned above come equipped with high-precision Clemex CMT software as standard. This allows you to streamline your workflow and automate essential processes thanks to high-value key features like autodetection of indentation features, cumulative free run analysis, built-in dimensional calibration for tip-to-tip measurement, and more.

So, it is true that there is no such thing as a universal hardness tester. But, if your key performance parameters include high-reliability testing in a high-throughput environment where operator time is at a premium, Clemex hardness testers are the best solution for you. Contact us today if you would like to learn more.