Industrial and research-grade microscopy is a critical yet labour-intensive process that can occupy hours of a skilled operator’s time. This incurs costs and saps resources from other areas of the workflow. Additionally, it is impossible to eliminate the margin for human error when dealing with manual microscopy. Many key parameters are based on subjective visual observations, and with continuous, routine inspections, fatigue and eye strain can become an important factor.

Automated digital image analysis systems can revolutionise research and quality control (QC) workflows through efficient and reproducible data acquisition. By leveraging the latest in algorithmic software and computer vision technology, image analysis systems can be tailored to detect and investigate a wide range of physical parameters.Image Analysis Systems from Clemex | Clemex

At Clemex, we specialise in developing high-precision image analysis solutions specifically for laboratory settings. Below is just a short selection of the software packages that we have on offer.

Cleanliness Image Analysis Systems

Particle contamination is a critical issue in pharmaceutical manufacturing, as  as with other industries, hazardous, undesirable particulates that propagate through the development chain can damage production machinery and have a detrimental effect on the end-product. The Clemex PSFilter is an advanced image analysis system dedicated to measuring particles on gel packs, membrane filters, tape lifts, or wafers. This is invaluable for process controllers throughout the pharmaceutical pipeline.

Hardness Image Analysis Systems

Micro- macro indentation testing are the preeminent methods of assessing the hardness of various materials and – by extension – a raft of additional dynamic properties. Our Clemex CMT hardness testing and image analysis package is designed with specific regulatory testing requirements in mind, enabling operators to rapidly and reliably generate hardness reports according to world-recognised standards.

Inclusion Rating Image Analysis Systems

Metallic and non-metallic inclusions are compounds that are embedded in steels during the manufacturing process and affect the various thermomechanical or chemical properties of the alloy. Fewer inclusions typically yield higher quality steels, which makes inclusion rating a critical analytical step in metallurgical QC. The Clemex CIR is a rapid image analysis system for QC and research labs which is designed to quickly and efficiently detect and rate inclusions like sulphides, aluminas, silicates, globulars and carbonitrides.

Image Acquisition Systems

Acquiring detailed images and quantifying the right data can be time-consuming, particularly when carrying out integral manual observations of microscale features. The Clemex Captiva is a powerful solution for researchers looking to streamline intensive manual measurements, from thread to weld analysis. It automates the image acquisition stage to assist with manual calculations and real-time data displays.

Custom Image Analysis Systems from Clemex

If none of the above image analysis systems suits your purposes, why not consider a custom solution? Our Clemex Vision PE is a fully integrated system designed to apply to a wide range of analysis types, including grain and particle size, phase analysis, layer thickness, and more. Contact us today if you would like more information.