Clemex systems are present in research laboratories around the world, helping scientists get the results they need to further their field of study. Industry leaders and small scale enterprises also have success stories to share. Further your knowledge of image analysis by reading some of the scientific or industry articles below.


What is Knoop Microhardness Testing?

June 18, 2020

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Calibrating Your Microscopy Systems: How & Why?

June 4, 2020

Home > Learn Microscopic imaging systems are critical to an array of biochemistry, life sciences, and general materials research applications. Prior to the development of the compound microscope, it was impossible to observe fundamental properties that now underlie our comprehension of physical matter. Conventional microscopy systems transformed the way we see the world, and through […]


What is a Microhardness Tester?

May 8, 2020

Home > Learn Microhardness testers are advanced instruments used to characterize the mechanical properties of small samples. This encompasses low volume materials and small regions of interest on larger substrates. The levels of detail that can be attained are largely dependent on the capabilities of the testing equipment itself. Clemex is known for providing cutting-edge […]


Recorded Webinar on Inclusion Rating presented by Ray Taza

December 19, 2019

Home > Learn Recording of a webinar presented by Raymond Taza, Application Specialist at Clemex Technologies. The topic is Automated Steel Inclusion Rating systems for ISO 4967 and ASTM E45 test methods. 


Automated analysis of laser grooves on wafers

June 11, 2019

Using Vision PE microscopy system, Clemex has demonstrated a new automated process that reduces the technician time spent analyzing the die, at the same time improving the accuracy of the measurement.