ASTM E1268 Banding Analysis

One steel sample showing banding dual phase structure is submitted for analysis

ASTM E1268 banding analysis | Clemex

Figure 1. The microstructure of the submitted steel is presented above. The banded dual-phase structure is viewed at 200X magnification.

ASTM E1268 banding analysis | Clemex

Figure 2. After the binarization operations, ferrite and pearlite are assigned to green and blue bitplanes, respectively.


Demonstrate the ability of the Clemex Vision image analysis system can distinguish and measure both phases and evaluate their banding according to ASTM E1268 standard. The methods and operations used are discussed in the report linked at the bottom of this page (click the Download PDF link below).

ASTM E1268 banding analysis | Clemex


Area percentage is performed on both phases. Whereas, other measurements are performed on the phase of interest (Blue bitplane). Automated statistics and graph are generated and cumulated during the analysis of the sample. Final results can be printed directly from Clemex Vision. Raw data can be exported in Excel format.