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Quality Confirmation of Optimized Automotive Powertrain components using Hardness Test

Ms. Zschocke, laboratory manager at Neumayer Tekfor GmbH, she has been an enthusiastic user of a hardness testing solution from Clemex Technologies for over 5 years.

Neumayer Tekfor is known in the industry as a specialized metal forming technology leader. A primary market are the automotive powertrain and drivetrain component applications. High-performance components for the automotive application are designed and manufactured at the Hausach, Germany technology center located in the Black Forest region.

Today’s automotive market demands greater efficiency for fuel and power management.   To obtain the efficiency metrics, optimized components are used which have a reduced mass, thus increasing the potential for durability and NVH incidents. 

The Clemex hardness testing and image analysis solutions confirm the finished components meet the demands of the customer. Focused test and analysis areas are the screw connections and the high torque drivetrain welded component joints. Specific hardness tests were implemented for the drivetrain and powertrain parts in accordance with customers requirements. The Neumayer Tekfor technology team decided in favor of the CMT software from Clemex as it provides the flexible precision. 


Area of application of the CMT software at Tekfor

In contrast to simple manual hardness test instruments, Ms. Zschocke’s laboratory team required a flexible test configuration capability with speed and repeatability. The fully automatic hardness test system from Clemex, provides a fast implementation of complex hardness testing and analysis routines such as depth gradients, induction hardening and weld seams of the friction welded camshaft connections. The ability to create user defined routines of the hardness traverse program enables the laboratory technicians to test many component samples.


Perfect Service

Since 2004, Ms. Zschocke’s laboratory team has working with Mr. Peter Dörnach, Clemex Technical Advisor based in Germany. Mr. Dornach provides an absolutely uncomplicated way of solving problems: “I just call Mr. Dörnach and he’ll take care of it.”

The reliability of the entire test system in combination with direct contact with the experts is a top priority for the laboratory staff: “Our Clemex system supports the product manufacturing process, which can include weekend schedules. It pays to have reliable trusted supplier.”